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The Tsakonian Easter celebrations have rightly set South Kynouria as one of the most beautiful destinations for these days.
The Holy Week is celebrated in a special and distinctive way, culminating in the night of Resurrection.
On the Friday in Tyros, the two hectares are on the coastal road with the accompaniment of fishing boats and many visiting boats, while the atmosphere in Leonidio is despicable, when among the fragrances of bitter oranges and chamomile meet the 5 epitaphs in the central monument, where they chant together the hymns of the epitaph.
On the night of the Resurrection in Leonidio, at the moment of "Christ Risen" sounds, hundreds of lighted, improvised, colorful balloons flood the evening sky, forming a large umbrella of lanterns accompanied by numerous fireworks that enchant us. At the same time in Tyros among thousands of candles that illuminate the sea and symbolize the souls of the Tsakonian sailors and fishermen who have been lost, they burn Judas, an improvised model that has been set up early in the sea.
On Easter Sunday, the Municipality of South Kynouria organizes big festivals in various local communities, including traditional lamb roasting, red eggs, snacks and plenty of wine among Tsakonikos dances and traditions, which are glad to offer to every visitor.



On the occasion of the famous PDO. tsakonian eggplant Leonidio, Leonidio and the whole Tsakonia are celebrating and promoting their natural wealth and peculiarities.
The whole city a feast! With a different thematic approach every year artists and chefs from all over the world present their creations and fill music, color and flavors every corner of Leonidio. Melitzazz takes place every year in early July and is a celebration that you should not miss !!! www.melitzazz.gr.
Another festival for the eggplant takes place every year at the end of August, offers unique culinary delights, creations of renowned chefs under the sounds of various musical arrangements to accompany this feast.


On the occasion of the Saints who are honored by our Church during the summer many festivals take place in the nearby villages worth visiting. Feasts, dances and delicious grilled local livestock will be your reward for your visit.
At the same time, there are also thematic festivals of local products such as honey in Pera Melana, Peleta wine, fisherman in Tyros and Poulithra and others.
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